Thursday, 16 May 2013

Increasing Opportunities in Apparel Sector!

The rise of Indian middle class is one of the greatest economic trends that is shaping the global world. Also, emerging economies are creating opportunities for exports and imports in textile and clothing, making  an attractive destination for investments in textile. According to Clothing Manufacturers Association of India  (CMAI), a reputed association in the Indian textile industry, there are amazing opportunities for professionals in the coming years. In the recent years, there has been a slowdown in the Indian textile industry; however, despite it, the Indian apparel market is expected to grow annually at 13%-15% !

The Indian apparel industry is expected to grow annually to US$125 billion (Rs 6, 75,000 crore) mark by 2020! Currently, India's apparel market is estimated to be around $50 billion (Rs 270,000 crore).

According to Rahul Mehta, President of CMAI, retail will play a pivotal role in India' growth story, however, the apparel growth is not going to be an easy one. Mr. Mehta also states that increasing purchasing power of Youth will drive the growth story in India as the youth is increasingly becoming more aware of where it is spending the money.

Thanks to the rising income potential of a relatively young population in India and increasing preference of owning branded apparels, Indian youth is accelerating to succeed at every step of the process. Also, there has been a surge in demand of similar branded apparels in rural, semi-urban and urban areas.

Moreover, the increasing share of designer wears has further led to growth in the apparel market. Increasing opportunities in the Indian textile industry will open many avenues for students aspiring to make careers in the industry.

At NITRA, we always aims to provide top educational degrees to students so that they can make successful careers in this field. NITRA's NITRA Technical Campus (NTC) offers 4 year B. Tech programs in Textile Technology, and Computer Science & Engineering. In addition to that, 2 Year PGDM program in Fashion Retail Management (FRM) is also offered.